About Us


Since 1922

We still make our Pure Sugar Candy the same way our grandfather did 96 years ago, “One piece of candy at a time.” It is still made in the same town, Waycross, Georgia, USA. Our oldest candy maker is 88 years young, and it is the only job he has ever had. Our family has grown over the years, facing many challenges and opportunities along the way.
Through it all our unwavering commitment to quality and excellence has been our mantra. Today, four Stewart grandchildren “stand their watch” to guarantee this legacy will be carried on, and one of the finest pieces of candy made in the USA will be yours to savor and enjoy for generations to come.


About Us


James E. Stewart moves to Waycross, GA. He begins selling peppermints and peanut brittle from his Ford Model T to local area workers and residents.


The first candy plant is constructed on Albany Ave in Waycross, GA.

About Us 1


Now in the fourth generation, Stewart Candy is still making the same pure sugar soft candy that “Papa” Stewart made nearly 100 years ago. We’ve introduced a few exciting new products and flavors along the way but the candy is still the same….a tradition we intend to keep.